Our Clients Usually Asked About

Do I have access to the customer support center 24/7 ?

At Wonda Nation we offer wide-range of services to clients from different locations including those who read our Blog daily. As an organization that put the interest of her clients first.

We have a 24/7 support team for all our clients and readers including you.

How long does it usually take to develop a website?

It all depends on the number of pages and functionalities a website should have. And we know how time can be important, We use team work to deliver web development projects within 2-4 weeks. For specific time frame quotation, you can send us your requirements.

Do you develop mobile version of a website?

Yes, we develop 100% responsive website design and making it to fit perfectly across different web platforms. Our Web Development Services cover both the desktop version and a mobile version. Please see case studies

Can you develop E-commerce website?

With our expert guru crew we provide top-notch services with latest technologies making sure our customers enjoy a superior E-commerce Website Design and Development than their competitors.

Is Web Hosting Included with my website development plan?

At Wonda Nation we believe every business deserves to have an online presence! That is why we include one year web hosting to every of our Website Design & Development plans.

Will i have a personal domain name Included with this plan?

Yes of course! A website represent your business or organization online. We let you gain a professional reputation with a custom domain name, included with all our plans.at no extra charge.

All you have to do is to renew your domain name after one year. And if you have an existing domain name, we will be glad to help you assign it to the website we developed for you.

Can I get a custom email addresses at my domain name?

Yes! Do you know custom email addresses (i.e. support@wondanation.com) can boost your reputation and professionalism instantly.

That is why we include free custom email addresses @ your domain name on all our Web Design and Development.

How can I read incoming mail sent to my custom domain email accounts?

Our Web Design and Development plans include emails at your domain name, plus a mailbox to store your emails. You can read or compose your email anywhere, and we will guide you on how to set up your custom emails to be accessed on your phone!

Do you have any web development packages?

At Wonda Nation we don’t have predefined Pricing Model for Web Development Services. Each project has it’s own set of requirements. We have team of professionals who will conduct complete situational analyses before sending the Proposal. Contact Us to get a Quotation from us.

Can I make changes to the website after the Projects is delivered?

Yes, we always provide documentation that train you to maintain your website Admin Dashboard. Also, we have a one month grace period to make small changes to the projects delivered.

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